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  • I have a C# solution using 4 C# library projects and one Website project. I've used Nettiers to generate my BLL and DAL.

    Here's the problem: In my website project, I've attempted to make a reference to my Entities project (business layer), but it will inform me that "a reference to Entities.dll already exists".

    This error comes up everytime, whether I'm creating a solution from scratch, a brand new website, etc. I've attempted the following (that I can recall):
    • manually delete the files both from visual studio and the hard disk.
    •  I've tried searching through the Nettiers architecture to see why this could be automatically be inserted, but I've found no clue.
    • I've added a reference directly to the DLL instead of the project with no luck.
    • I've given full access rights to everyone
    • I've deleted all other instances of this entities .dll on my hard disk
    • I've started over from scratch ( solution and website ) multiple times. This reference error occurs the very first time I try to add a reference to an empty website project

    The workaround of this problem is that I have to fully type out the namespace in my Website project (i.e. //companyname//.Entities.//procedurename). This is taking place all over, but it seems to be referencing the updated dll somehow

    If anyone has a suggestion on how to get this reference to work, it would be greatly appreciated.
    Friday, August 22, 2008 4:20 PM


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