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    Is there a way to add a component outside of target designer?  I need to add the "Windows Security Configuration Editor Client   Engine" to machines we already have deployed.



    Wednesday, April 18, 2007 5:01 PM


  •  Although not supported, you might try copying over and bin placing the files that are owned by this component, and regsvr'ing any dll's that need to be registered. It looks like the component has no registry keys so you are lucky in that respect.


    The unknown at this stage is whether the dependencies required for this component are already on your runtime in order to enable it to function. You can find out by opening the config for this runtime, adding the Security Configuration Editor Client, then turning off auto-resolved dependencies (Tools > Options > Dependency Check). Run a dep check and see if you get any unresolved messages in your task pain. If not you may just be good to go as all the necessary deps are in your runtime. However, if you get some messages about additional components being required then you are missing these in your runtime and will have to decide if it is possible to add those to your image in the same way as you added the Security Configuration Editor.


    The caveat here is that some components may need custom actions to be performed (like registereing dll's) so just copying over files may not work, but you could give it a try. Be sure to test it thoroughly though!



    Friday, April 27, 2007 12:10 AM