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  • We are testing a subscription transition and have some questions about it.

    I have created a subscription for the offer "Exchange Online (Plan 1)" (offer id: 195416c1-3447-423a-b37b-ee59a99a19c4).

    Then I check an entitlement for this subscription but I can not see any possible transitions in transition_targets.

    So the first question: is it ok?

    If it is ok please tell offer uris to test a subscription transition (source and target).

    Another question: what is a format of the transition_targets?

    After this I performed a subscription transition to the offer "Office 365 Enterprise E3" (offer id: 796B6B5F-613C-4E24-A17C-EBA730D49C02). The call ended with a success result. I can see the new subscription on the microsoft portal. But the source subscription still in the Active state. Is this right?

    Offer URI for the original subscription:


    Resulting subscription URI:


    Offer URI for transition:


    Resulting transitioned subscription ID:


    All tests were performed in the EDog environment.

    Thursday, June 11, 2015 2:45 PM


  • Hello,

    The transition_targets property in Entitlements is to show the list of entitlements that the entitlement was transitioned to, and the transition_sources property is to show the list of entitlements that were transitioned into the entitlement. These properties will only be populated once the entitlement has been transitioned (they aren't the possible transitions for an entitlement).

    The list of offer uris which the entitlement can be transitioned to was provided in the excel spreadsheet of offer information. The offers you used are valid for offer transition.

    We are currently making a change to display the source subscription as "Suspended."

    The overall flow for an offer transition is:
    1. Post an offer transition
    2. Reassign licenses via the graph API's

    Thursday, June 18, 2015 9:14 PM