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  • HI guys


       I am try to make a game lobby, it would have same purpose as Garena. people could login and enter a room, player could play a game with people in same room. the game i would like to have are like warcraft, Star Craft , CS and so on. as we know, these game are communicate via UDP broadcast. the host will broadcast data to all LAN. UDP broadcast will be rejected by internet. therefore the lobby would establish a virtual LAN, player from different locations in the world could see each other and play the games together. When i say VLAN, please don't misunderstand with normal "VLAN". they are different. "VLAN" only works at same location, but what I need is across the internet. 


    here is some of my ideas:


     1. VPN, but I think it will not work well, it will cause too much overhead.

     2. develop your own stuff like vpn, IP encapsulation, get rid of security.


    I am not too sure. I hope you could help me with


    1. What method I could use to see each other, jion the host, play the games. but keep this in mind all the game i am talking about using UDP broadcast


    2. any suggestions with that when game start, should the lobby act like data exchange center or all the data goes among the players only? and how to achieve the your suggestions


    i know it is big question, but any small ideas would help.


    if any one have same interest, you could join the group


    Tuesday, December 8, 2009 5:41 AM

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  • try www.lanoninternet.com software..it does support the game u listed.. & works over internet without port forwarding..
    Monday, December 14, 2009 6:56 AM