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  • Hi All,

    I have written a codeactivity and it has the following interface:


    public sealed class AddNote : CodeActivity<UpdateGeneralResponse>


     public InArgument<bool?> CompleteTask { get; set; }

            private readonly IDataRepository<TasksContext> _dataRepository;

            public AddNote()
                // TODO Dependency Injection
                if(_dataRepository == null)
                    _dataRepository = new DirectDataRepository<TasksContext>(new TasksContext());
            public AddNote(IDataRepository<TasksContext> dataRepository)
                _dataRepository = dataRepository;

    protected override UpdateGeneralResponse Execute(CodeActivityContext context)

    I pass in a number of parameter declared in the Xamlx file and mapped to the properties used by the method. I have compiled the WF service and in the app I have made a reference to my service. Now in my calling app when I want to use the service I start with the following:

    using (var wf = new AddNoteWorkflow.WorkflowServiceClient())

    Now if I do var createNote = wf.AddNote

    intellisence shows all the expected input parameters correctly, but the return parameter shows as void.

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