Code Contracts on Events RRS feed

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  • I am writing code contracts on an interface that uses events:

    interface EventInterface<T> {
        event EventHandler ItemAdded;
        bool Add(T item);

    When an item is added to a collection that implements the interface, the collection must raise an ItemAdded event. The event must only be raised if the item is added; this is given by the return value (think of a set, where true means the item was added, false means it wasn't added because it already existed in the set).

    I wish to have a contract that ensures that if the result is true, an event will be raised. And likewise, if the result is false, no event is raised. Is there a way to check that using contracts?

    Furthermore, I would like to ensure that the sender object is never null. Can I put contracts on the EventArgs?

    Thursday, January 7, 2016 7:33 PM