Strongly Typed Datasets only return one row from stored procedure when stored procedure returns Multiple Rows RRS feed

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  • My business application is chocked full of Typed Datasets using table-adapters from MS-SQL Datatables, as well as Stored Procedures.  So many times I have to delete the table-adapters from the datasets, and re-add them because -for whatever reason for which I'm trying to discover- they don't work although they are designed exactly like another model that works perfectly.


    Even down to the Table-Adapter properties, each is designed identicly. 


    For instance, one table adapter which is composed from a stored procedure returns multiple rows from MS-SQL, however the binding source count -when filled- only shows one row.  Another table adapter -which I used as a model --both in the stored procedure construct, and adding to the dataset returns multiple rows which agrees with the number of rows that MS-SQL returns.


    The properties of the table adapters are identicle.  Occasionally, deleting the table-adapter from the dataset, and re-adding it corrects the problem. 


    Any ideas?

    Sunday, October 28, 2007 1:07 PM