There has been an error while loading the form - The following file is not a valid InfoPath form template


  • Hi,

    We’re experiencing quite an odd issue with opening forms within a SharePoint form library. These are the symptoms;

    We recently published a newer version of an InfoPath form, and have since received some feedback that the form no longer opens in the “View Properties” view of SharePoint.

    Rather interesting though, within the standard view all form instances can be opened with no problem.

    The reason this has to work within the “View Properties” view of SharePoint is because we have a workflow that is sent, with a link to this particular page.

    This is the error message that is displayed;


    There has been an error while loading the form.

    Error Details;

    The following file is not a valid InfoPath form template:

    More Information;

    The InfoPath Form is configured to show in the client;

    The InfoPath Form was re-published in InfoPath 2010

    The InfoPath form has to be accessible using Office 2007

    The Error message is displayed in the browser powered by InfoPath Forms Services

    The form opens absolutely fine in the standard SharePoint view;

    Can you please assist me with this issue

    Many thanks

    Tuesday, September 21, 2010 11:06 AM


  • I'm confused.  The View Properties page does not show the form at all.  It only shows the properties of the form, which includes only the fields that have been promoted to the library and set to be allowed for editing in SharePoint.  There is no reason for Forms Services to even come into play when viewing properties.  Are you sure you're not talking about something else?

    Also, why was this re-published in InfoPath 2010?  If it's a 2010 form, no user with Office 2007 can open it, and it will therefore try to open in the browser.  IF it's not browser-enabled, then it will give you an error.  However, that's not related to the View Properties page.

    Is this actually a SharePoint 2007 question or a 2010 question?  This forum is only for pre-2010 questions.

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    Tuesday, September 21, 2010 2:26 PM