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    FSLogix allows the system administrator to set assignments for their rule-sets.  This allows powerful management, giving the administrator full power to adjust how their system works.  In this article we will be discussing and demonstrating the basic functionality of assignments.



    1. Locate the manage assignments button

     Open up the RuleEditor and create a new rule / open an existing rule you want to edit.  Select the icon highlighted in red in the picture below.



    2. Manage assignments UI

    By default, each rule-set contains one assignment.  This assignment (also shown in the screenshot below) is defined to Everyone but is not applied.  Meaning that if you made and applied a rule-set without setting the proper assignments, nothing would happen.  FSLogix would see that the rule-set does not apply to anyone and simply ignore it.



    3. Adding a new assignment

    When clicking to Add button to add a new assignment you are presented with a list of ways to define this assignment, these are:

    • User
    • Group
    • Process
    • Network Location
    • Computer
    • Directory Container

    For this tutorial we are going to assign to a Group but this tutorial shows the basic idea for how to add an assignment for each of the above methods.  By clicking the button to the right of the first text box we are presented with a Windows "Select Groups" UI.  Type in a group name such as "Administrators" or a custom one you define using the built in Windows group manger, and hit OK.

    If you require you can also enter in your domain so that this rule would apply specifically to Administrators of that domain.  Hit OK.



    4. Applying your new assignment

    By highlighting you new assignments you'll want to make sure that the your new assignment is set to apply.  By clicking Administrators the radial buttons toward to bottom of the UI will become select-able.  Make sure the "Rule Set does apply to user/group" is checked.  You should now see that our new rule applies to this rule-set and we can hit Apply & OK.

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