Import VA CCD into Microsoft HealthVault RRS feed

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  • An issue was reported, preventing a Veterans Affairs (VA) generated CCD to import into Microsoft HealthVault. The issue is related to the Results section. In this section, the narrative part included a <content ID="-1">.

    To my knowledge, the <content ID> labels are --strings-- used to faciliate reference to the narrative text from the structured entries. A string can be "-1" or any other characters. VA CCD assigns an ID to a panel name in the narrative part of the Results section, then labels the individual tests within the panel as: ID-1, ID-2, ID-3, etc. For example:

    Panel ID=”panel” CBC

    ID=”panel-1” Hemoglobin

    ID=”panel-2” Hematocrit

    ID=”panel-3”, etc.

    In the one file that failed import, the first panel did not have a name or ID. As a consequence the individual tests under this panel were labeled like this:

    Panel ID=””

    ID=”-1” albumin

    ID=”-2” alkaline phosphatase

    ID=”-3”, etc.

    Microsoft HealthVault threw an error when it encountered the ID=”-1”.

    VA has a Remedy ticket to fix this issue internally (ie, not create blank IDs, and therefore avoid the situation of ID="-1". This issue only happens when a panel name is blank, which is likely a rare situation. It may be that Microsoft HealthVault may want to consider not throwing an error in such a case, and enabling the import of VA CCD.


    Omar Bouhaddou


    Tuesday, April 15, 2014 1:01 AM