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  • please see below at the if statement I get error when mail attribute is empty// public class Users { public string mail { get; set; } public string UserName { get; set; } public string DisplayName { get; set; } } static void Main(string[] args) { List<Users> lstADUsers = new List<Users>(); string DomainPath = "LDAP://DC=teksite,DC=local"; DirectoryEntry searchRoot = new DirectoryEntry(DomainPath); DirectorySearcher search = new DirectorySearcher(searchRoot); search.Filter = "(&(objectClass=user)(objectCategory=person))"; search.PropertiesToLoad.Add("samaccountname"); search.PropertiesToLoad.Add("mail"); search.PropertiesToLoad.Add("displayname");//first name SearchResult result; SearchResultCollection resultCol = search.FindAll(); if (resultCol != null) { for (int counter = 0; counter < resultCol.Count; counter++) { string UserNameEmailString = string.Empty; result = resultCol[counter]; if (result.Properties.Contains("samaccountname") && result.Properties.Contains("displayname")) { Users objSurveyUsers = new Users(); objSurveyUsers.UserName = (String)result.Properties["samaccountname"][0]; objSurveyUsers.DisplayName = (String)result.Properties["displayname"][0]; if (String.IsNullOrEmpty((String)result.Properties["mail"][0])) // here I am getting Error Index out of range { // do nothing } else { string y = (String)result.Properties["mail"][0];

    objSurveyUsers.mail = (String)result.Properties["mail"][0]; } lstADUsers.Add(objSurveyUsers); } } Console.Write(lstADUsers); } Console.ReadLine(); }

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  • Do this before attempting to access the data.

    Put a breakpoint on Console.WriteLine

    var mailData = result.Properties["mail"];

    Examone mailData, my guess it's null for elements.

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    NuGet BaseConnectionLibrary for database connections.

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