Need to develop a Device Driver, which when installed on a system would create multiple Virtual serial port RRS feed

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  • Hello Everyone,

    This is my first Windows device driver & I have been assigned a task to develop a Windows device driver from scratch. When the user installs this driver on a windows PC it would ask the user, during the installation process, to enter the number of virtual serial port that user requires & after installation of the driver the number of virtual port desired by the user shall be created. Then the user connects his customized printer to the windows PC via USB port. The user should be able to send some customized commands to the printer through the Hyper terminal by selecting any of the newly created Virtual serial port at 9600 baud rate, 8 data bit, No parity & 1 stop bit. From past one week. I have downloaded & installed Windows Driver Kit 10 form the MSDN website, downloaded the Windows drivers sample codes form the GITHUB & is able to successfully compile the source/VirtualSerial sample code on Visual Studio 2015 & now I am trying it to deploys this sample driver on a windows  PC. From here on I am confused about the approach that I need to take in order to accomplish my task 

    Now I have the questions regarding the driver that I am assigned to develop:

    1) The Virtual serial driver that I require should be developed in which framework (UMDF or KMDF)? The source/VirtualSerial driver project is a UMDF project as in its .inx file the following lines confirm the same



    2) Will this source/VirtualSerial code full-fill my requirement or do I need to integrate any other driver with this /source/VirtualSerial sample code , If yes then how?

    Please help me out I am in serious trouble.

    Thank You. 

    Wednesday, May 25, 2016 8:44 AM

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  • would this customized printer happen to be a 3d printer or one based off an Arduino? those usually enumerate as a COM port without the need for another driver. writing a virtual serial port driver in windows is hard, not a good first time project. why can't you use the driver for the printer as is?

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    Thursday, May 26, 2016 4:17 PM