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  • Just wondering if it struck anyone else the same as myself (??)...  Using 7 when Patch Tues comes along really no biggie, Updates get done, Bob's your uncle.  So, anyway, couple days ago, it's that time again but, I'd gone to Win8 DP for a while which, is running as a VM.  Certainly, I wasn't thing about Updates when up pops the notice that Updates are available... & so, in they went.  Somehow it just made me smile & chuckle a bit... suddenly the W8 DP, a sort of precursor to the 'real deal', a VM ( a sort of not quite 'real' computer) felt just so 'normal', a regular OS on a regular computer... I recall thinking, "Oh yeah, of course, lol" as it pulled a bunch of Updates, just (of course) like any other machine, like any physical machine running a non-beta OS, of course.  But, then, again, maybe just me, LOL... still, thanks for letting me bore you w/ my wee anecdote; doubt Updates going in the DP gave anyone else a chuckle  (??)

    Silly the things that amuse me, sometimes, I spose.

    And this was written whilst using Win8 DP... be why there's no spelling mistakes, eh? lol

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    Thursday, February 16, 2012 12:20 PM

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  • What was amusing me the day before was the notification, 'Your computer will restart in 2 days...' and the present one when I click on Setting in the Charms and then Power, 'Update and shut down', 'Update and restart'. Makes me smile and chuckle, just like you.


    Thursday, February 16, 2012 5:56 PM