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    I would like to consume a WCF web service with a WSE 3.0 client. I am using "windows" security mode on the message only. I have a few questions:

    1.  Is it possible to do this with the wsHttpBinding by configuring it somehow? What about BasicHttpBinding?

    2. I saw that there is a way to define a "custom binding" for this. When using this binding and activating the WSE 3 client,  my WCF server returns the soap fault: "An error occurred when processing the security tokens in the message". I am using a wse policy file on the client side and I suspect that I should change something in the configuration, any ideas?

        <kerberosSecurity establishSecurityContext="false" renewExpiredSecurityContext="true" requireSignatureConfirmation="false" messageProtectionOrder="SignBeforeEncrypt" requireDerivedKeys="true" ttlInSeconds="300">

    3. What security features of WCF are not compatible with WSE 3?

    These WSE/WCF compatibility issues seem very delicate, anyone knows a good tutorial on this, especially on security issues?

    Sunday, July 15, 2007 4:39 PM