RichTextBox with line numbers


  • Hello people,

    I think that google is a little bit dyslexic because no matter how i type Visual basic it will only show c++ and mostly C# examples. I managed to find a couple of VB6 examples but 2015 screams at me when i try to open or convert.
    I would have thought this many years later it would be a normal on/off option already included into the RTB control, basic common sense!

    So, if any knows where i can find a tutorial or example of how to add line numbers to a RTB (as with all modern text editors) for visual studio 2015  it would be a great help. Note: i am trying to do this in panel 2 of a split container that already has a RTB in place

    Thanks in advance

    regards Flatland France

    Monday, July 25, 2016 12:57 PM


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