Descriptive strings for custom events in xperfview RRS feed

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  • I have instrumented my application (Firefox) with a custom manifest-based ETW provider. I expected that xperf would at the very least show me the names of my opcodes in its "generic events" view, but it just shows a timeline with a same-color marker for all events. If I hover over one of them, I see "EventName: <unknown>" and all other fields are numeric.

    With tracerpt -import, I can point it to my manifest and get back a summary file with the opcode names filled in (instead of just the numeric values). I couldn't find any similar way to import metadata into xperfview.

    My application has the .res file linked into it. Do I need to link in some sort of message file into my final executable? Is that perhaps what the (provider)TEMP.BIN file is all about? I never did know what to do with that.

    Optimally, I would like xperfview to plot my events at different Y coordinates based on their opcode ids as well, or color them according to their opcode ids, or something. Or pair them up when meaningful and draw a line between start/stop pairs? (Probably not possible, since there's nothing about that in the manifest, I suppose.) Are the displays configurable in ways like that?

    Monday, September 27, 2010 11:40 PM