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  • Hi Folks,

    I am new to the BizTalk SAP adapter, I have a SQL Adapter that polls a SQL Server table thru a Stored Proc, which returns back rows, and I then debatch the rows into single IDoc message and send them to SAP using the IDoc adapter.

    The problem is I can send them to SAP but I am unsure as to what the control data should be set to on the EDI_DC40 node. I know this needs to be set so SAP knows what type of message it is, but where do I get the details from, I have the schema there and have mapped my details from the SQL Server Adapter but I have not set the control data.

    Any ideas?


    Monday, December 8, 2008 11:30 PM


  • Hope the below table will help you

    ment Description Literal Value Value Description X12

    5 EDI_DC40 This is the Idoc Header Segment.  A new Idoc is defined by a new EDI_DC40 segment
    6 TABNAM Name of table structure        EDI_DC40          
    7 MANDT Client                         500 Client for prototype.  (NWS or CRX???)        
    11 DIRECT Direction                      2 Inbound       Direction of idoc.
    15 IDOCTYP Name of basic type             ORDERS05         Names of the IDoc type that is being used.
    17 MESTYP Logical message type           ORDERS   BEG01     Message type of the IDoc being used.
    18 MESCOD Logical message code                      
    20 STD EDI standard, flag             X   GS07   Indicates X12, UCS, …  
    21 STDVRS EDI standard, version and relea 4030   GS08   Indicates 4010, 4030, …  
    22 SDTEMES EDI message type               850   ST01   Indicates 810, 850, …  
    23 SNDPOR Sender port (SAP System, extern XXXXX          
    24 SNDPRT Partner type of sender         KU Customer        
    25 SNDPFC Partner function of sender                
    26 SNDPRN Partner number of sender       1000 Customer number        
    29 RCVPOR Receiver port (SAP System, exte SAPPRD Receiver port for prototype       This field must contain the value "SAPXXX" where XXX is your three character R/3 system ID
    30 RCVPRT Partner type of recipient      LS Logical System        
    31 RCVPFC Partner function of recipient             
    32 RCVPRN Partner number of recipient    LOGSYS500          
    37 REFINT Reference to transfer (EDI inte     ISA13   EDI Interchange control no.  
    38 REFGRP Reference to message group (EDI     GS06   EDI Group control number  
    39 REFMES Reference to message (EDI messa     ST02   EDI transaction control number  
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