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    about article
     is described in the following article
    This property is measured as a percentage of the Y-axis scale.By default, its value is set to 25.This means that data points in a series that have a difference of at least 25% of the scale will be collapsed with a scale break.

    i try in c# building ,but don't know What effect  about 25% , 40%

    chart1.ChartAreas["Default"].AxisY.ScaleBreakStyle.CollapsibleSpaceThreshold = 25;

    Thursday, October 20, 2016 5:45 AM

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  • Hi

    AxisScaleBreakStyle.CollapsibleSpaceThreshold Property represents the threshold of space on the chart at which scale breaks are drawn.

    Here is the sample from MSDN, we can have a test.

    private void AddChartData()
       chart1.Series["Series1"].Points.Add(new DataPoint(1, 2));
       chart1.Series["Series1"].Points.Add(new DataPoint(2, 4));
       chart1.Series["Series1"].Points.Add(new DataPoint(3, 400000));
       chart1.Series["Series1"].Points.Add(new DataPoint(4, 3));
    private void AddScaleBreaks()
       // Enable scale breaks.
       chart1.ChartAreas["ChartArea1"].AxisY.ScaleBreakStyle.Enabled = true;
       // Show scale break if more than 25% of the chart is empty space.
       chart1.ChartAreas["ChartArea1"].AxisY.ScaleBreakStyle.CollapsibleSpaceThreshold = 25;
       // Set the line width of the scale break.
       chart1.ChartAreas["ChartArea1"].AxisY.ScaleBreakStyle.LineWidth = 2;
       // Set the color of the scale break.
       chart1.ChartAreas["ChartArea1"].AxisY.ScaleBreakStyle.LineColor = Color.Red;
       // If all data points are significantly far from zero, the chart will calculate the scale minimum value.
       chart1.ChartAreas["ChartArea1"].AxisY.ScaleBreakStyle.StartFromZero = StartFromZero.Auto;
       // Set the spacing gap between the lines of the scale break (as a percentage of the Y-axis).
        chart1.ChartAreas["ChartArea1"].AxisY.ScaleBreakStyle.Spacing = 2;

    Here is my test screen capture, It shows scale break more than 25% of the chart is empty space

    You must have sufficient separation between ranges of data points in a single series to draw a scale break. By default, a scale break can be added only if there is a separation between the data ranges of at least 25% of the chart. If you enable a scale break but it does not appear, even though there is sufficient distance between the data ranges, you can set the CollapsibleSpaceThreshold property to a value less than 25.

    For example , I changed code as below

                chart1.Series[0].Points.Add(new DataPoint(1, 2));
                chart1.Series[0].Points.Add(new DataPoint(2, 4));
                chart1.Series[0].Points.Add(new DataPoint(3, 4));
                chart1.Series[0].Points.Add(new DataPoint(4, 3));

    And  set CollapsibleSpaceThreshold property to a value less than 25. I set it 15 instead.

    Here is my test screen capture.  

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    Thursday, October 20, 2016 9:04 AM
  • Thanks 

    how did you know about scale break is 2.97 , 3.97?

    Monday, October 24, 2016 7:07 AM
  • Thanks 

    how did you know about scale break is 2.97 , 3.97?


    Per my understanding, it is decided by chartControl, Each time that chart control will select a number close to the highest point.

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