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    I am facing a problem while installing a web application developed in Visual studio.NET 2003 in Windows Vista Business Edition. The problem area is where the application access the databae using Enterprise library 2005. The database server is SQL Server 2005. The database for the application is developed in SQL Server 2000 and it is copied and attached in SQL Server 2005. The application is working well with the database for those area which doenst use Enterprise library. For pages whcih access database using Enterprise library 2005 am getting the followoing error.


    The specified type is abstract: name='StorageProviderData', namespace='', at <storageProvider xmlns=''>.

    The application pool used is Classic .NET applicatoin pool and dotnet framework is v2.0. When I tried a new application pool in dotnet framework v1.0 the application didnt work either.


    Any clue on this?



    Thursday, January 24, 2008 11:28 AM