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    I'm trying to style the footer of a details view.  The project uses CSS Friendly Control Adapters for the styling of the majority of the applicable server controls and the menu.  They are working for all of the things that are using them.  This can be verified because the grid view, details view and menu are using <ul>s instead of tables and the styling is being correctly applied to them with the exception of one details view.

    This one details view is being used to insert new records on a page by itself.  It doesn't have pagination enabled and shouldn't page through anything anyway.  When I use the class for the pagination that is created by the control adapters I can style another details view that is part of a Master/Details view on the site fine.

    With this other details view I'm having the issues with, I can't get any of techniques for styling to work.  I enabled pagination to see if I could trick into using the div and the class for it that the css friendly control adapters create but it did not do this.  I think it is smart enough to know that there are no other pages for it to "paginate" through so it doesn't create the div in the footer or the class for this.

    I also set the "FooterStyle-CssClass="Details_View_Footer"" with the CSS Friendly Control adapters class removed to see if it would use this but it wouldn't I also don't see any code reflecting this when I look at the page source from the browser.  It didn't show an element with anything as a footer to style.  But it created a footer with the insert link in it.  Does anyone know if the details view continues to use the built in style attributes(such as the one for the footer) even if the css friendly control adapters are being used?  

    Has anyone had this type of issue before?  Does anyone know how I can get around it?

    this is the code for the page source from the browser with the "FooterStyle-CssClass="Details_View_Footer"' set. It is the same as it not being set in the declaration of the details view and using the "FooterStyle-CssClass="Details_View_Footer".  Either way the details view doesn't render an element with a class for styling or a unique element.   It uses the <li class="AspNet-DetailsView-lternate> like all of the other rows.

     Sorry the code below is split up.

    	<span class="AspNet-DetailsView-Name">Email:</span><span class="AspNet-DetailsView-Value"><input name="ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder1$InsertCustomer$ctl09" type="text" title="Email:" /></span>
    <li class="AspNet-DetailsView-Alternate">
    	<span class="AspNet-DetailsView-Name"><a href="javascript:__doPostBack('ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder1$InsertCustomer$ctl11','')">Insert</a> <a href="javascript:__doPostBack('ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder1$InsertCustomer','Cancel$-1')">Cancel</a></span>

    Monday, November 30, 2009 4:49 PM