Can I migrate a publisher to 2012 and have it continue to replicate to 2008R2 Subscriber without missing a beat


  • I will be migrating our Production DB to SQL 2012 shortly (no service interruption using mirroring from 2008R2 to 2012).  that part works well.  

    But our Production DB is a publisher feeding a Reporting DB and I'm not clear if replication can pick up from where it left off after the migration or whether I have to re-build the publication / Snapshot from scratch and whether I can continue to use the existing 2008R2 distributor or have to switch to a 2012 distributor.  Either way I would like to know the prescribed upgrade method from some experts who have given this a shot.

    Are there good articles (advice) on the subject?

    I'd rather not have to fully re-build the Transaction publication but could do that (including the lengthy snapshot)  if that is the best/safest approach.

    In which case I might just re-configure the whole lot now to a 2012 Distributor now and make the new subscriber Reporting database a 2012.




    Friday, July 12, 2013 1:42 PM