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  • When you create a new VHD, you are able to give it a "friendly" name (e.g., "ExchangeStorage"). Unfortunately, this name is ONLY displayed in the Storage --> Containers --> VHDS area. A different name is displayed in Virtual Machines -> Images. It makes it a little difficult to correlate which storage VHD drive is associated with which VM drive. The only way to do it was to correlate based on the HTTP address.

    I suggest that:

    • In Virtual Machines -> Images, add a column with the VHD image name.
    • In Storage --> Containers --> VHDS, include the drive size and which VM is is associated with (if any) and disk type AND the name as displayed in Virtual Machines -> Images (e.g., server-server-1-342309480239).

    The second one is important as I almost deleted the wrong image because I wasn't sure if it was the desired one (i.e., Othrwise, how do I know that server-server-1-342309480239 is the same as "ExchangeStorage.vhd")?

    Sunday, September 2, 2012 3:33 PM

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