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    I have a problem connecting two (A and B) WinCE 6.0 Clients to one WinCE 6.0 SMB Server at the same time.

    The SMB Server is configured to share a directory, no password needed.

    1) If I connect Client A to the SMB Server only, everything runs fine, the Clients are connected and can access the shared files.
    2) If I connect Client B to the SMB Server only, everything runs fine, the Clients are connected and can access the shared files.

    3) But if I try to connect both Clients at once I got a strange behavior, after the successfully connection of the first Client, the SMB
        server refused to connect the second WinCE Client (Connection Error 53)

    4) More strange is that, if I use two Windows XP clients to connect to the SMB Server everything runs fine - both XP-Clients are
         connected, both Clients can access the shared files.

    5) If connect one of the WinCE Clients first and then the Windows XP Client, I face the same problem as with the two WinCE
        Clients - the SMB Server now refused to connect the second (Windows XP) Clients.

    Is there a undocumented limitation of WinCE 6.0 SMB Servers connecting to more that one WinCE Clients, or is it possible
    that this is a miss configuration of the SMB Server - Registry-Settings?

    Best Regards


    Thursday, August 29, 2013 7:34 PM

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  • Quick tought. Your WinCE devices must have different names when they are on the same network?

        "Name"="<Some Name>"
        "Desc"="<Some description of the system>"

    You can also set them via the Device Control Panel, if you have UI included.
    If not, you can get weird behavior


    Thursday, August 29, 2013 8:08 PM
  • Hello Werner,

    thank you for the quick response.

    But that isn't the case each of the 3 devices (1 server, 2 clients) having unique Ident-Entries (Name-Field) as well as unique ip-addresses.

    As I stated each wince-client is capable the connect to the wince smb-server on it's own, the connected client
    has fully access to the shared files.

    The connection error occurs only for the second client after the first client is connected.




    Thursday, August 29, 2013 9:27 PM
  • Set unique mac address for every client。
    Tuesday, December 31, 2013 7:24 AM