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  • Hi All,

    I have developed a C# click once application, which our support guys use on a daily basis, due to its nature it has ended up being based on 4 databases on the same server (it will be rewritten in the next 12 months).  Everything works as it should over the course of the day, until one of the support personnel needs to create a VPN to a customers site.  then they start getting the Cannot generate SSPI context error.  I have been through the most commonly suggested website to the best of my ability but can't find a fix from there. 

    However, i have subsequently released the application is ok when it talks to one database on the server, but all of the other 3 throw this error.  When i create a connection (SQLOLEDB) i always reset the connection string, create a new connection and then run the stored procedure, 90% of the time using data adapters. Once the VPN is hung up, the failing databases work again.

    I have been over the users, roles, schemas etc and cannot see any obvious difference, the connection strings are identical, except for the initial catalog setting.  access is trusted security through domain users.

    The database server is SQL Express 2012, they all just got migrated from sql full 2008.  On the old server i just had to specify the network named pipes in the connection string and it went away.  if i include this now, then the application cannot connect to the server at all. (error 40)

    please can someone identify what am i missing as both myself and our network admins have completely run out of suggestions? 


    Friday, March 30, 2012 7:59 AM


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