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  • Hello azure community Im a total newbie on using azure so I wanted to ask this problem that's been bothering me for a few days now. I cant upload to my azure blob container using the following code in node/express backend.

    Here's what i've done so far.

    1. I can upload successfully the file from front end to the server which creates a copy of the image in a directory on the server.
    2. I can locate the image from the right path.

    var blobSvc = azure.createBlobService(config.BLOB_ACCOUNT, config.BLOB_KEY);
    controllers.upload = function (req, res, next){
        var fstream;
        req.busboy.on('file', function (fieldname, file, filename) {
            fstream = fs.createWriteStream(__dirname + '/upload/' + filename);
            fstream.on('close', function () {
                        function(error, result, response) {
                            if (error) {

    Even so, Im still having this error and I am aware that the filename of the image should be DNS acceptable, to simple the process I tried to just upload an image named `ragnar.jpg`, it was successfully upload to the my server and the file path was right. 

    The errror :

    {code: "OutOfRangeInput", statusCode: 400, requestId: "00d83e3f-0001-002f-2c40-8cf7a5000000"}

    Am i missing something? 

    Few questions : 

    1. Did I do the right process to upload the image to a directory on my server and use the `createBlockBlobFromLocalFile()` function?

    2. I did not create a SAS Token, for this process. Is that ok?

    3. In the response headers the content-type is "application/xml" does that affect the process?

    Thank you in advance people. :)

    Saturday, April 2, 2016 2:59 AM


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