Inconsistencies between Win 8 Metro and WP7 Metro

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  • Hi

    There seem to be some inconsistencies between Metro in Windows 8 and WP7:

    • Moving live tiles on WP7 is tap and hold vs drag down on Win 8 (I prefer tap and hold)
    • Multitasking on WP7.5 is press and hold the back key and swiping through a card view of open apps. This is not available on Win 8
    • App Bar on WP is always visible while in Win 8 it has to be dragged up
    • No Panorama and Pivot controls in Win 8
    • Start screen in portrait view should scroll vertically as on WP7, not horizontally
    • Start screen on WP7 should support also landscape view as in Win 8 with horizontal scrolling

    I know, this is also feedback for Windows Phone and this might be the wrong place, but as both systems use Metro and WP was first, you should clearly talk to the phone guys and try to align your UI behaviours to ensure a consistent user experience. As a WP user and developer I had already many confusing moments where I've tried to use my existing WP knowledge in Win 8 and things behave completely different. Switching between both Metro experiences is not as good as it could be. This is a common problem in Microsoft products, so please ensure this time that it feels like both OS are from one company. Please talk to each other!

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