Tracing Audit Login with SQL Profiler and an ASP.NET Application RRS feed

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  • While an ASP.NET application is in use, I have been told that a Profiler trace shows an extreme number of audit login / logout activity; anywhere from 50 to 100 of these *per second* are showing up in the trace. I think it depends on how many users are hitting the website. The SQL guy is focused on the high number of audits. I am not sure that the focus should be on the number of login / logout audits, but instead, the cause of these audits. When I was shown the trace, I took some notes, and did some research. It looks like that for every audit logout, the trace also shows an sp_reset_connection, and according to my research, this is good thing. So my question is, how should the Profiler trace be modified in order to capture the cause of all these audits.


    Monday, March 21, 2011 6:36 PM