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  • If we develop a v4 Printer say to create TIFF or PDF files, it would be nice to launch a process to list the files created so the user can find them and open them.  The Toast popup does not really work well when user is doing this a lot and forgets where they got created.

    So one thought was to launch a metro app if the request came from a windows store app (metro app).  But I do not think there is any information in the property bag indicating the action was for a metro/store app, just the user's security token.  Maybe it has info, I do not know.

    Looking at Store printer device app and firing a custom event, sort of works and this may be the only valid solution.

    Another issue as this is Print-To-File solution, do not see how we can sell and install through the Windows Store?

    For a true printer, there is Plug and Play:"When a user connects a device to a computer that is running Windows 8, Windows automatically searches for the best driver and downloads device metadata from the Windows Metadata Information Store (WMIS)."

    For a Print-To-File solution, of course there is no plug-and-play, it's all virtual.

    Is there a way to develop a store app that would allow user to install the print-to-file solution?

    Or is only way to sell a standard windows install from our online web store?

    Of course we would like to sell through Windows Store but how would it work.

    Friday, December 19, 2014 6:31 PM