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  • This topic has popped up on a few threads (Access Kinect v2 from a Windows service | Sensor does not Open successfully under a Windows service)

    We realize that it is a common request, but v2.0 of the SDK cannot, and will not support this. Running as a service is not possible, primarily, since:

    • Windows does not support reliable GPU scheduling if we were running our KinectService as a service
    • Kinect v2 runtime uses the GPU, while v1.8 runtime did everything on the CPU


    You must run your process as a standard process in a user session (somebody must be logged in).

    That application can be started via:

    • task scheduler; or
    •  your own service that starts the kinect client application once a user logs on.

    Hopefully this guidance will help you reach a workable solution for your scenario.

    -Rob Relyea | Kinect Team

    Rob Relyea [MSFT] http://twitter.com/rrelyea

    Wednesday, September 24, 2014 7:59 PM

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