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  • Hello All,


    I am trying to get all available network BSS list. For that I am using WlanGetNetworkBSSList() API. But sometimes API returns the same SSID twice or thrice.


    Is this a bug with Windows Vista driver?




    Do I need to do anything before getting latest BSS List?


    Let me explain the use-case in more detail. I have a laptop with 2 wireless cards.

    Each card is configured to different network - say Network 1 and Network 2.

    My application will enumerate all network interfaces so that user can select a wireless interface card for querying BSS list.


    Whenever user tries  to get BSS list, it will return same BSS entry twice or thrice.


    How do I resolve the above problem?


    Any help is appreciated.


    Thanks in Advance



    Thursday, May 31, 2007 3:35 AM

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