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  • I have done some looking around and I am not sure if what I want is even possible or not but I figured I would shoot out a question and find out.

    I want to know is if I can generate a list of options in a drop down list be coordinating between multiple lists. For example:

    List 1 is a list of locations organized like so: Continent > State > Plant Name

    And list 2 is a list of products available at each plant organized like so: Plant Name > Material

    Is there a way to design a drop down list that shows a list od Materials based on:

    If "List2PlantName" is equal to "List1PlantName" then drop down is equal to "Material" from "List2"?

    Does that question even make sense. Basically in another page of the form a customer chooses there location based on one sharepoint list and then later in another page of the same form the customer chooses a type of material that is feeding from a second independent list. I want the customer to see 20 options associated with their location and not 300 materials associated with the entire list.

    Tuesday, August 29, 2017 9:26 PM

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