Error ID: 70142 when trying to migrate an onsite HyperV vm to Azure RRS feed

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  • Can anyone help me with this error please?

    Error Message: Protection couldn't be enabled for the virtual machine.

    Possible causes: List of disks required for protection does not match with the list of disks already used for previous protection.

    Recommendation: Ensure that the list of disks required for protection matches the list of disks already used for previous protection.

    I have followed the troubleshooting guide and contacted chat support. We are on a trial so can't use phone support.

    I think the wrong disks were identified as there was a backup of the original source vm on the host server.  I have now moved these to an external usb but still cannot migrate.

    Error on host - '': Attachment 'D:\2019 Upgrade VM\INTCASSERVER-0.VHD' not found. Error: 'The system cannot find the path specified.' (0x80070003). (Virtual machine ID )

    The path is incorrect



    Wednesday, May 27, 2020 9:18 AM

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  • Hello Jeff

    Are you using Azure Site Recovery or Azure Migrate?

    Are you migrating your Hyper-V VM or replicating the VM to Azure?

    For migration tasks, we recommend, you use Azure Migrate and for replication/disaster recovery, please leverage Azure Site Recovery (ASR).

    Regarding your issue, if it is ASR, any change you make for a VM/disk replicating to Azure, you need to disable replication, make changes and then re-enable replication.

    Reference link - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/site-recovery/hyper-v-azure-support-matrix#vmdisk-management 

    If this still doesn't help, you can send mail to AzCommunity@microsoft.com include your Azure subscription ID and a link to this MSDN thread (for context) and I can help you enable a one time free support to connect with the support professional from Azure technical support team.

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    Thursday, May 28, 2020 6:37 AM
  • Hi Sadiqh,

    I am using Azure Migrate to move an on premise virtual server to Azure.  It's the replication stage that fails with this error.  There was backup of the disks on the same drive as the vm and AzureMigrate seems to picked these instead of the actual disks.  I have since moved the backup to another location.  Tried migrate again but got same error



    Thursday, May 28, 2020 1:10 PM
  • I deleted the migrate project and set up a new one.  Got as far as Replicate and I get this error

    Error ID:70094
    Error Message:Protection couldn't be enabled for the virtual machine.
    Provider error

    Provider error code: 31389

    Provider error message:
     Job 'Enabling Replication' (E40D83D8-BAD9-4C41-A85D-29F154A379FC) failed. Job State Exception. Error Code: 32768. ErrorSummaryDescription: Hyper-V failed to enable replication.. ErrorDescription: Hyper-V failed to enable replication for virtual machine 'GST Server': Unspecified error (0x80004005). (Virtual machine ID C511E888-998C-44DA-B4A9-B35E8890F61F).

    Provider error possible causes:
     Check the error details.

    Provider error recommended action:
     Resolve the issue and try again.
    Possible causes

    Protection can't be enabled with the virtual machine in its current state. Check the Provider errors for more information.


    Fix any issues in the Event Viewer logs (Applications and Service Logs - MicrosoftAzureRecoveryServices) on the Hyper-V host server. For details see http://aka.ms/asr_troubleshoot/#troubleshoot-on-premises-hyper-v-issues. If this virtual machine is enabled for replication on the Hyper-V host, disable this setting. Then try to enable protection again.

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    Friday, May 29, 2020 2:34 PM
  • @Jeff, this could be a proxy issue. 

    Quoting from process server troubleshooting guide - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/site-recovery/vmware-physical-azure-troubleshoot-process-server

    might help Azure migrate proxy issue that is causing failures.

    Verify process server proxy settings

    1. If you use a proxy server, ensure that the proxy server name is resolved by the DNS server. Check the value that you provided when you set up the configuration server in registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Azure Site Recovery\ProxySettings.

    2. Ensure that the same settings are used by the Azure Site Recovery agent to send data.

      a) Search for Microsoft Azure Backup.

      b) Open Microsoft Azure Backup, and select Action > Change Properties.

      c) On the Proxy Configuration tab, the proxy address should be same as the proxy address that's shown in the registry settings. If not, change it to the same address.

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    Friday, May 29, 2020 3:31 PM
  • We do not use a proxy server
    Friday, May 29, 2020 3:33 PM
  • This issue requires further deeper dive technically. I recommend you to create a technical support ticket. The ticket enables you to work closely with the support engineers and get a quick resolution to your issue. Here is the link https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/azure-portal/supportability/how-to-create-azure-support-request to create support case. Let me know if you have any support plan limitations to create a ticket.
    Friday, May 29, 2020 3:54 PM
  • We are on a trial subscription at the moment so can only access chat support and they told us to use the forum.
    Friday, May 29, 2020 10:23 PM
  • Please send mail to AzCommunity@microsoft.com include your Azure subscription ID and a link to this MSDN thread (for context). Let me see If a one time free support can be enabled on your subscription.
    Sunday, May 31, 2020 7:06 PM
  • Hi Sadiqh,  I have sent an email as you requested.  Hopefully someone can help me today?

    thank you


    Monday, June 1, 2020 7:06 AM
  • Please share the support request number with us for tracking your request internally. Once you receive solution for your issue from support team, share it with the community, this would be beneficial for others.

    Monday, June 1, 2020 7:37 AM
  • ok will do, thank you

    Support request number:120060124000959

    Monday, June 1, 2020 7:48 AM