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  • Just looking for some guidance or checking to see if it is possible to do single sign on in app for Windows Store Apps without Enterprise authentication.

    When accessing resources on a private network we are prompted for credentials every-time we hit a site and then following sub sites, then again when closing an opening the app.


    example.com - prompt

    foo.example.com - prompt

    test.example.com - prompt

    *close app*

    *open app*

    example.com - prompt


    Just looking for some ideas or design considerations for creating single sign on within an application without enterprise authentication turned on.  These are (by the way) machines that aren't joined to a domain anyway.


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  • Hi,

    How do you implement the single sign on? Are you using custom service?

    #Single sign-on with Microsoft accounts (Windows Store apps) (Windows)


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  • We would be authenticating against a domain controller that authenticates accounts for each web site.  Same domain.  I am assuming we need to build this into the client app.

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