Render HTML from a ZIP stream on client side RRS feed

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  • This is both a strategy and a technical question, I'm building a web posting mechanism and I will need to store a lot of HTML posts (discussions, comments etc.)

    I'm thinking about saving all my HTML posts into database as a ZIP compressed stream (instead of plain text or XML) in order to save space and increase security by encrypting those ZIP data steams, so it will be saved to the database compressed (hopefully close to 90% smaller) and secure. (it does not need to be searchable, I'm going to create the search index myself out of the content of each post)

    I want to deliver the ZIP object to the web page/cache and then have the client side unzip the stream and render the HTML that it represent.

    This is a Microsoft based MVC web site (c#)

    I'm trying to figure out reasons not to do it... other than performance, can anyone pinpoint any other issues with doing something like that?

    Also, is there any recommended libraries or built-in ones that I should use for better performance - that both server side and client side can understand (zip and unzip with encryption key/password)?

    Thanks in advance.

    Respectfully - Yovav Gad

    Sunday, November 9, 2014 6:37 AM

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  • The idea sounds fine, although I'd recommend you look at using a document store rather than a traditional relational database. Also remember that the server can automatically send down zip compressed data over the wire so I'm not sure they'd be a need for the client to worry about the compression - I don't know the specifics of your solution but just pointing that out.

    Monday, November 10, 2014 8:02 AM