AdGroupID, CampaignID, KeywordID - combination not unique to identify a record RRS feed

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    Hello All

    i got the Different Adgroup name in same combination of above mentioned Ids within the same date..


    Date             campaignId adGroupID    keywordID       campaignName adGroupName                    keywordName

    01-01-2011   70363984    512483363   3315007598    RegularBr2       WBC Increase                    low white blood cell count cancer

    01-01-2011   70363984    512483363   3315007598    RegularBr2       Cancer Natural Treatment    natural lung cancer treatment  


    We are importing data, say for date1. And after few days, suppose we are importing again the same data, say for (date1+x no of days) date, then how can we identify whether we have to update an existing record or insert a new one.


    How come the combination of IDs be not unique, even on same date?

    Please respond as soon as possible.

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