HLK Certification: IntegrityStream Test Fails on Windows 10 32Bit(10.0 Build 10240) RRS feed

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  • Test Environment: 

    Client  OS : Windows 10 Enterprise 32 bit(10.0 Build 10240)

    Server OS : Windows Server 2012 Standard 64 bit(6.2 Build 9200)

    HLK version:  10.0.10240.26752


    IntegrityStream Test is failing on Windows 10 client with below error,

    Cause : Task "Execute IntegrityStream Test" is Marked Failed From the LogFile

    Cause : Copying File "C:\hlk\JobsWorkingDir\Tasks\WTTJobRunDCE15D1D-D67E-E511-93F2-902B34036D67\IntegrityStream.wtl.trace" Fails 

    Failure : Failed to Copy the Logfiles associated with the Execute Task

    Cause : Cannot Find Pattern "C:\hlk\JobsWorkingDir\Tasks\WTTJobRunDCE15D1D-D67E-E511-93F2-902B34036D67\IntegrityStream.wtl.trace"

    Cause : Copying File "C:\hlk\JobsWorkingDir\Tasks\WTTJobRunDCE15D1D-D67E-E511-93F2-902B34036D67\IntegrityStream.wtl.trace" Fails 

    Cause : Cannot Find Pattern "C:\hlk\JobsWorkingDir\Tasks\WTTJobRunDCE15D1D-D67E-E511-93F2-902B34036D67\IntegrityStream.wtl.trace"

    Cause : Task is Marked Failed as all the Counts are Zero in the LogFile

    Other Findings

    IntegrityStream test is supported on Refs file system only. It seems like HLK is using isRefsSupported.vbs to validate REFS is supported on client OS under test

    I noticed that isRefssupported.vbs file is returning "True" on windows 10 32 bit.

    does REFS format is supported on Windows 10 32 bit? If so, why microsoft did not enable the file system by default. I cant even find a way to enable Refs.

    I see that pre-release version of HLK (10563) seems to return "False" on running isRefsSupported.vbs on windows 10 32 bit as they have added one more check to see it is client or server OS.

    I cannot use HLK 10563 as microsoft is not accepting the submission.


    1. I'm passing drive letter as NONE. 

    2. I also applied latest filter released on 10/30/2015 1:00:02 AM UTC

    Any help to pass this test with HLK 10.0.10240.26752 would be greatly appreciated.


    Friday, October 30, 2015 8:15 AM

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  •  I'm guessing that MS released refsv1.sys in Technical Preview build and stopped support in public released versions. Anyway, I was able to Pass the test by downloading Refsv1.sys for 32 bit file from older windows update and creating a driver entry manually.


    1. Download older version of Windows 10 cumulative update (e.g. KB3081448 or KB3074681)

    2. Extract the files and copy Refsv1.sys to drivers folder of system under test

    3. create driver entry for Refsv1.sys

    4. Enable Refs file system using Registry key "AllowRefsFormatOverNonMirrorVolume"

    5. Reboot the system

    6. create a 10GB Refs drive

    7. delete the "AllowRefsFormatOverNonMirrorVolume" Key


    Please make sure that you're doing the above at your own risk!!

    Please note that I claim no warranty for above steps to work 100%. Don't do above steps unless you know what you're doing . Make sure to have image backup as well.. :)


    Saturday, October 31, 2015 7:50 AM
  • I want to second this, running into the same problem. Using Refsv1.sys from the Technical Preview can't be the solution in this case (of course)
    Tuesday, November 3, 2015 9:04 AM