Detecting when a user drags over an adcontrol in a HTML5/Javascript app? RRS feed

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  • Hi I developed a game using Construct2 and included an AdControl inside main html page that came with the exported project. Now I noticed when you drag from the game canvas onto the ad and release, it never actually releases the touch. My game is dependent on a particular touch so I actually need that touch to reset if the user stops touching the screen. Am I missing something here, or is there maybe a workaround for this issue? I tried out the same thing in C#, using a WebBrowser control and I didn't experience the same issue.

    I have tried a few things like HTML fragments and separating the div from the canvas with margins but it always acts the same way. I also tried to include the ad using a Windows Runtime Component but it doesn't look like it allows you to pass UI elements like the AdControl. Does anyone have some suggestions. Thanks.

    Wednesday, December 19, 2012 10:41 PM