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  • I want to use Workflow foundation. I am looking for implementing the following requirements:


    * Workflow foundation implementation to be completely hidden/encapsulated from the client ASP.NET user interface layer code

    * Dont want to write my own code for hosting Workflow runtime

    * Expose workflow interactions with ASP.NET user interface layer as webservice methods - the reason being the ASP.NET user interface layer is a bunch of independent applications that want to make use of common workflow


    In this I have figured out, in order to avoid writing my own code for hosting workflow runtime, I have two options - either publish the Workflow as WCF service or ASP.NET Webservice in IIS - so IIS acts as the workflow runtime host - so far cool.


    Now, as I want to hide my workflow implementation from my ASP.NET client user interface layer, I have to add wrapper methods for my workflow webservice methods - such as I dont want the ASP.NET UI layer code to pass and receive workflow instance IDs. When I publish the workflow as WCF or ASP.NET webservice, I have no control on the code that is being generated! So how can I wrap the workflow from my ASP.NET user interface layer?


    I could write another webservice application that consumes the published workflow foundation component's webservice. But that design feels wierd - ASP.NET calling Webservice - Webservice calling Workflow webservice...

    Sunday, November 9, 2008 12:51 AM

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  • Usually you would use workflow/BPM products that remembers the state of workflow/process, etc.,


    By the way of not using a hosting service, you would be launching a new workflow instance every time when the service is called by your web application (it doesnt matter if it is hosted as wcf or webservice).


    I would strongly recommend you to create the hosting service, whose primary responsibility is to do what you actually need.  Can you let me know the reason why you wouldnt want to use hosting application?


    { Gaja; }

    Wednesday, November 12, 2008 3:59 AM