Questions about Direct project C# instructions


  • I have few questions about direct project c# app I work for a HISP and want to use the gateway for production. I see MS engineers in healthvault put the direct project c# app together. Please route to right forum if this is not related to the DL.

    1. Should we buy certs from a Trust anchor (Verisign or someone else?)

    2. Do we need to get two certs, one for domain and one for secure email? I don't see command to import two certs using ConfigConsole.exe.

    3. Should we import each trust anchor or just the one from whom we purchased the cert? What happens if sender is from different trust anchor?

    4. I assume DNS Query is used to discover sender's public key.Is discovered public key automatically stored to DirectConfig DB/ cached some where?

    5. If we are using hMailServer or MS exchange as real email server, how do we configure gateway? Does outgoing email from gateway automatically forwarded to the "real email server"? How incoming email gets forwarded to gateway from the "real email server"? How to configure "DNS Responder service" in this scenario?

    6. Is bundle & bundleresolver has anything to do with Direct project or it is for Bluebotton project only?

    7. Gateway App depends on Microsoft's SMTP server which is deprecated in W2k12 (though it is still available for install). Any plans to update the gateway app for direct project?

    Thank you.

    Thursday, June 20, 2013 5:42 PM