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  • I would like to make up one program to enum the status of all windows on desktop. And this program can monitor the change of window status, like minimize or maximize, etc. Now I use shell hook to monitor it. But ShellProc has no nCode parameter for maximizing window. According to MSDN, the wparam of HSHELL_GETMINRECT presents the minimized or maximized window. From my try, HSHELL_GETMINRECT only comes when minimizing, not maximizing.
    I know that maximizing window would cause WM_SIZE and WM_SYSCOMMAND come. From these two messages, user can be aware of window maximizing. And it can be implemented by hooking WH_CALLWNDPROC. But due to quantities of message, hooking WH_CALLWNDPROC may cause load/performance issue.
    Does anyone know other methods that are able to be aware that somewindow is maximized except for hooking WH_CALLWNDPROC?
    Monday, June 7, 2010 9:25 AM


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