Conversion of data from 64bit server to 32 bit server RRS feed

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    we have Website on 32bit 2K3 server and SQL Server 2008 on 64 bit 2K3 server. There are having some existing data on the database that we want to encrypt. For this we create a .Net assembly that will encrypt the data using cryptography classes available into .Net.

    We are using same dll at SQL server and Website. We have registered this dll in to SQL server and correct the data using this dll. Now when reading this data on the website which is 32 bit server, the data is not decrypted. whereas if I check this on the database server it is decrypting it correctly.

    Also if I encrypt data from website server and update into database manually then website successfully decrypt this. The encrypted output from both server is different even the code is same. So I assume that this difference is because both the OS are different, one is 64 and other is 32 bit.

    In our design we are encrypting data from website and inserting into database but we have to encrypt existing data for which we registered the dll in sql server and executing data correction script.


    Is there any solution to this problem so that we can run data correction script the DB Server and it generate  output that can be readable at 32 bit server?


    Any help is much appreciated.




    Thursday, October 21, 2010 3:04 PM