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  • HI,

    I have a problem - hopefully someone can help with a solution.

    I have a document library, with a number of columns.

    I have a list with a number of columns.  1 column in common is called ChangeID.  The document library also has another column that describes the document type - called "doctype".  There will be many documents sharing the changeid, but each with a different 'doctype'.

    When i am in a workflow running from the list, i want to be able to send an email with the encoded absolute url of a document in the document library, based on the common field of changeid and a particular "doctype". 

    Sharepoint designer only allows me to pic 1 column to match on - which doesnt help me.

    I tried a concatenated key in the doc library to match on - but it says i cant use calculated fields.  

    Can someone help me with a solution?


    Wednesday, February 22, 2017 8:48 AM

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  • Hi MrMickeyG- create a variable to store the doctype that you want. Then compare the items against the variable and doctype.

    cameron rautmann

    Wednesday, February 22, 2017 1:11 PM
  • Hi MrMickeyG,

    From your description, you have a list contains a column called ChangeID.

    And you have a document library contains columns called ChangeID and "doctype". 

    You try to create a workflow on the list and want to send an email with the URL of a document based on the ChangeID and "doctype".  

    I am not very understanding of the logical of your workflow.

    So please offer the step of your workflow to better help you to achieve your requirement.

    Best Regards,

    Lisa Chen

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