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  • Hello!

    First of all I did not find a proper SDK theme - sorry, I write here.

    I want to write a program interacting with joystick. I am using a standard SDK example and dinput8.lib.

    Here's the code. GUID Is taken from enumJoysticksCallback function. I throw away everything to minimise chance of error.

    LPDIRECTINPUT8          g_pDI = NULL;
    HRESULT hr = DirectInput8Create ( GetModuleHandle( NULL ), DIRECTINPUT_VERSION, IID_IDirectInput8, (void**)&g_pDI, NULL );
    	GUID  *GUID_Saitek = new _GUID ;
    	GUID_Saitek->Data1 = 0xA00DBD70;
    	GUID_Saitek->Data2 = 0x7FB5;
    	GUID_Saitek->Data3 = 0x11E3;
    	char tmp[8] = { 0x80, 0x3, 0x44, 0x45, 0x53, 0x54, 0x0, 0x0 };
    	memcpy(GUID_Saitek->Data4, tmp, 8);
    	g_pDI->CreateDevice( *GUID_Saitek, &g_pJoystick, NULL );
    	hr = g_pJoystick->SetDataFormat( &c_dfDIJoystick2 ) ;

    Program fails on this string 

    hr = g_pJoystick->SetDataFormat( &c_dfDIJoystick2 );

    hr returns 0x80070216 which seems to be ERROR_ARITHMETIC_OVERFLOW. 

    &c_dfDIJoystick instead of &c_dfDIJoystick2 does not help too.

    For mouse it is the same...

    LPDIRECTINPUT8          di = NULL;
    HRESULT hr = DirectInput8Create(GetModuleHandle( NULL ),  DIRECTINPUT_VERSION, IID_IDirectInput8,  (VOID**)&di, NULL);
    hr = di->CreateDevice( GUID_SysMouse, &Mouse, NULL );
    hr = Mouse->SetDataFormat( &c_dfDIMouse ) ;
    hr returns 0x80070216 again

    The example application "Joystick.exe" works no problem.

    GetCapabilities returns some random stuff which is definately not true

    • Embarcadero RAD Studio XE5/Borland CPP Builder 6 (both have same results)
    • DirectInput
    • Saitek Rudder Pedals/Saitek X52 controllers (both crash program)
    • 32bit app
    • standard SDK example "Joystick"

    What is wrong? Error does not match anything related to directinput.


    UPDATE: SetCooperativeLevel function returns 0x80070006 which is ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE

    Tuesday, April 8, 2014 11:13 AM

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    Wednesday, April 9, 2014 9:17 AM
  • Thank you!
    Wednesday, April 9, 2014 10:12 AM
  • Finally I found out what was the problem. It lied here: &c_dfDIJoystick2

    For some reason Microsoft attached pre-defined structures that do not match anythig. Even &c_dfDIMouse does not match my simple 3 button mouse.
    The answer came with another sample code "Custom Format". 
    You have to make a new format structure for each device because even EnumObjects function will not make it for you, which makes DirectInput quite inconvenient.
    Thursday, April 10, 2014 3:06 PM
  • The predefined structures do in fact work. They are used in the standard Joystick sample that you note works for you as well:

    if( FAILED( hr = g_pJoystick->SetDataFormat( &c_dfDIJoystick2 ) ) )
        return hr;

    In one of your reports, you mentioned that you were using something besides Visual C++ to build your code, so perhaps there is some linker setting or alignment issue at work here rather than it being a general problem with DirectInput?

    You could try debugging your application and inspecting the contents of c_dfDIJoystick2 (or use printf/OutputDebugString to dump it out). It should be:

    rgodf.pguid = {A36D02E0-C9F3-11CF-BFC7-444553540000} 
    rgodf.dwOfs = 0
    rgodf.dwType = 2164260611
    rgodf.dwFlags = 256

    If these values don't match your debug inspecting, then the problem is in the linker or compiler settings you are using...

    Thursday, April 10, 2014 5:18 PM
  • I mean I tried them both. 8 years between compilers. I think if problem would be in compiler - one of them would work. But thanks for your answer anyway.

    I don't know why "Joystick" source code did not work and "Custom format" did. The fact is - custom format did the trick.

    Frankly speaking I do not know how to make a dump of c_dfDIJoystick2. Could you tell me where this structure lies (what file I mean)? All I see in "dinput.h" is "extern const DIDATAFORMAT c_dfDIJoystick2;" And when I add it to the watch list - RAD Studio of cause says that it is an undefined symbol. 

    Thursday, April 10, 2014 7:12 PM