Performance of Microsoft.Ccf.Common.dll using XmlSerializer RRS feed

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  • I've noticed that when running the CCF client,  an XML serialization assembly is being compiled due to the user of XmlSerializer.  Some of my client pcs have security software that severely slow down the compilation process (to the extent I can see csc.exe running in taskmanager).  The calling code is in Microsoft.Ccf.Common.GeneralFunctions.ConfigurationReader which is using the Microsoft.Ccf.Common.GeneralFunctions.Deserialize which employs XmlSerializer on the type ConfigurationDetails.


    I would like to use sgen ( to precompile a ConfigurationDetails serialization assembly, but since Microsoft.Ccf.Common is signed, I can not.  (Apperently, sgen must pass the key to the compiler) Does anyone know where I could ask for a "Microsoft.Ccf.Common.XmlSerializers.dll"?   The version of Microsoft.Ccf.Common I am using is below:

    Microsoft.Ccf.Common, Version 3.0.7183.0
    Name: Microsoft.Ccf.Common, Version=3.0.7183.0, Culture=neutral,
    Type: Library



    Michael Herman


    Tuesday, November 18, 2008 1:26 PM