Javascript to open a popup window not working in SharePoint PPS


  • Hi All,

    I got a requirement from my client to open a SSRS report as popup. I used GO TO URL option, and used below code to get popup. I deployed the code in reporting server. Then in SharePoint (PPS), I created a web page and referred reports deployed in reporting server. 

    Popup is working fine both in reporting server and SharePoint in my development environment. When I moved this code to QA environment, popup was not working in SharePoint, but it works fine in reporting server.

    I approached this issues from different angle

    1. In my dev machine i had IE 10 and in QA machine I had IE 8. So I updated my browser in QA to IE 10.

    2. I had JAVA installed in my dev machine, So I installed JAVA in QA machine also.

    3. I thought if there is any error in Javascript code. So I got the URL given in javascript:void and pasted that in browser, the page is coming up without any error.

    Please help me in resolving this issue. Below is the code I used for popup.

    "javascript:void" &"'" 
    &Globals!ReportServerUrl &"/Pages/ReportViewer.aspx?" &Globals!ReportFolder 
    &"/ReportName&Parameter1=" &Parameters!Year.Value 
    &"&Parameter2=" &Parameters!Month.Value 

    Monday, October 7, 2013 5:45 AM