Help--interlace format: frames RRS feed

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  • hi, everyone:

    I tried to record video file through windows media encoder 9 and directshow's wm asf writer with the same machine and same mic/video cam, both are configured with same profile(wmv3 codec). But when play the output video files in Graphedt, I found some difference. For the asf writer recorded files, the decoder's property page has "interlace format: frames" and "aspect ration: 1920:1080" , but the wm encoder recorded file does not has the 2 properties.

    attached image is the property page for decoder when decoding asf writer's output file.

    the follwowing image is property page for decoder when decoding wm encoder's output file.


    so I want to know:

    1.  what the "interlace format: frames" means ?

    2. why the wm encoder outputed file do not has this "interlace format " property ?

    3. is it possible to configure the asf writer to output asf file without the "interlace format" porperty? if yes, how to configure asf writer?

    thanks very much

    Tuesday, February 19, 2013 5:49 AM