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    I'm trying to use the menu control straight from the Time Tracker site, with all the same code, and style sheet entries exactly the same.  I've modified it slightly by rotating all the images 180 degrees and making the tabs "hang" below a row above it.  It's in a TD that is valigned top, but there is a 1pixel space above it, so it's not sitting flush with the top of the TD.

    Here is an image of what I'm talking about

    Anyone know what I need to do to get rid of the 1px space above the control?

    Thanks in advance.

    Wednesday, October 12, 2005 12:07 PM

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    So I hacked a fix, by using a tiling background style with 1 red pixel at the top, to use as a background for the rows the menu resides in.  It works, but it's not an ideal fix.  If there's a better way to make the menu sit flush with the top of the cell, I'd love to hear it.
    Wednesday, October 12, 2005 1:53 PM
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    The ideal solution is to use SkipLinkText attribute in asp:menu, and you have to let it blank. Example :

    <asp:Menu ID="Menu1" runat="server"  DataSourceID="SiteMapDataSource1"

    DynamicHorizontalOffset="2" Font-Names="Verdana" Font-Size="0.8em" ForeColor="#284E98"

    StaticSubMenuIndent="10px" Width="180px" SkipLinkText="">


    If you use SkipLinkText empty, ther wiil not be 1 pixel hidden image or hidden link.


    Sunday, May 25, 2008 7:08 AM