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  • I have two PCs - one running Windows Server 2012 acting as a server, the other running Windows Server 2012 r2 acting as a client. Both have Intel NetEffect NE020 NICs, which are RDMA-capable. When I open one of the server's shares on the client and copy files across it works, but it doesn't use SMB Direct.

    Message Analyzer gives a hint at the problem - I can see the SMB Direct negotiate request leave the client, it's received by the server and the server sends a response with success status. However the client never sees the responses, and appears to time out after ~30s, issuing an NDK disconnect. In the interim the file transfer completes over ordinary SMB3.0.

    One other quirk I noticed in Message Analyzer was that the SMB Direct sockets on the server have the same local and remote IP addresses, the IP address of the server. On the client the sockets look correct. I've no idea whether this is expected, a bug in message analyzer or maybe the root of the problem.

    I've used all of the SMB Client and SMB Direct logging in the the Event log and none of the logs yield any clues. I disabled the firewall to eliminate that and it doesn't make a difference.

    SMB Direct has worked on these machines previously. However at the time both machines were running Windows Server 2012, and the network was different.

    Any ideas on how this problem could be diagnosed further?

    Friday, February 13, 2015 12:01 PM


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