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    Having read some more I believe my example is for some specific product, "microsoft forefront" and can not be used the way I wanted.
    I think I will have to come back with another question when I have a new idea...


    I am working on a project with virtual smart cards. I have managed to create the smartcards on client and now needs to request the certificate for them from the server.
    Using a version of this code:

    I manage to reg a certificate on the client, but I cant add it to a specific card.

    So I then found this:

    I think it looks promising, you seem to be able to choose a specif card here but not sure if this can be usable to be honest.

    Sorry for the long introduction but my question now is.

    How do I use that code. When I paste it, it says "The type or namespace clm does not exist in namespace microsoft.
    I clearly need to import something, I have googled around for it but cant figure out what and how.

    My second question is if anyone has any experience of this and think this is the way to go, everything I find on CLM is from 2009-2010 maybe there is a better way now. So if you understand what it is I wish to do and have any better ideas I would be grateful!

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