SSIS - Undocumented error code 0x80131537 / 2146233033


  • Hi SathyanarrayananS,

    As the article you posted comments, errors that are raised by components outside Integration Services are not listed.
    If you do not see your error in the list, the error was raised by a component outside Integration Services

    Some errors from CLR or from COM+ may not be documented.
    In this case, 0x80131537 is came from CorError.h, it is an CLR error. It means:
    # The format of one arguments does not meet the contract of the method.

    Short answers to your questions:
    1. Personally, it may be caused by the error is from CLR, not inside SSIS.
    2. I don't think so, as there have other CLR errors/ COM+ errors, which may not be listed too.

    For information about CLR errors, please see:

    Jinchun Chen

    Jinchun Chen(JC)
    TechNet Community Support

    Tuesday, October 1, 2013 5:44 AM